Chandan began her journey from India, growing up in India, Chandan was already introduced to a rich heritage of textiles, hand-made crafts, spirituality, yoga and vegetarianism. These values are very much inscribed in her motto and her work.

Chandan’s belief in quality and attention to detail, led to establishing her own manufacturing in India, where each design gets its form and life. The team of artisans and craftsman turn each design into a masterpiece keeping in mind the hand feel that differentiates the brands from its contemporaries.

Trained at Central Saint Martin, London, UK, Chandan honed her skills and learnt the art of European fashion which is still very much inscribed in her designs through her silhouettes, prints, detail and its unique appeal.

Chandan’s journey then took her to Cape Town, South Africa in 2009 where she launched her eponymous label and launched her first store Melange. The African landscape is still engraved in Chandan’s work and the free spirit of Africa reflects in her designs.

Now a California resident, Chandan has been introducing her brand to friends and family which has enabled her to develop her collection as per the local appeal. Her designs are more modern, chic styled for the Silicon Valley woman often juggling between various roles, rushing from their last meeting, ready for happy hour!

Chandan is very much driven by sustainable fashion, and looks into every detail of her business keeping in mind the environment and footprint. The fabrics sourced, dyed, printed and all other factors that contribute to the global footprint.

Chandan supports a school in East Palo Alto that facilitates kids from less privileged background.

Chandan is now marking her 10th Anniversary of her business by launching her first store “MELANGE” at Stanford Shopping Centre, which is all set for a May launch.

Being a mother of three children, a global traveler having grown up in India, trained in Europe, worked in Africa and now a happy Californian resident, Chandan is fierce in her values and beliefs in supporting ethical fashion, giving back to the community and a happy vegetarian who supports PETA passionately.

Chandan’s work can be seen through her website www.chandanallen.com and ready to wear label www.thesancy.com.