About Us

Chandan Allen, an Indian born fashion designer and now a California resident, weaves the synergy of four continents into her designs. Chandan’s journey began in India, where she grew up surrounded by a rich cultural heritage of art, history and design which informed the foundation to her creative philosophy.

In 1999 Chandan relocated to Europe, gaining exposure to the culture, diversity, architecture and landscapes. Her training at the prestigious Central Saint Martins college of Fashion in London gave her the seal of confidence to create a signature style of timeless silhouettes, with a modern blend of femininity, color and style.

Moving to Cape Town, South Africa in 2007 Chandan launched her eponymous label through her own store “Mélange”, which also supplied to selected boutiques throughout the country. The unique colonial heritage and wide-open landscapes of the African veldt inspired Chandan to elevate her brand’s creativity and glamor to a new level, resulting in her debut collection “The Essence of Africa.”

Now based in California since 2014, Chandan fuses her vast experience, strong technical repertoire, and nuances of textile into her collection. Her modern style is characterized by contemporary, colorful aesthetic styles formed into bold silhouttes, infused with signature prints and surface ornamentation .

As a female business owner, wife and mother of three children, Chandan is committed to supporting and giving back to the community in India and Africa. Chandan has proactively supported a proven network of artisans, sewers, pattern-makers, manufacturers, and small business owners in India.